When you go to their site they make it appear as though they sell jewelry insurance, because they have a jewelry insurance quote tool. But in actuality, GEICO does not offer standalone jewelry insurance. They may offer jewelry “riders” on their homeowners or renters policies, but as we’ve discussed in the articles linked to above, this is not an advisable protection option for your jewelry. “Their” jewelry insurance, is actually underwritten and managed by Jewelers Mutual. A large and reputable insurer in the jewelry insurance market.

GEICO does not insure jewelry, but they partner with Jewelers Mutual to appear as though they do.
GEICO is NOT a jewelry insurance company.

So why is GEICO letting me quote jewelry insurance through their website?

Now, GEICO DOES provide a jewelry insurance quote landing page on their site. But if you go through the process like we have, you’ll find the actual insurer of your jewelry will be…drumroll please….Jeweler’s Mutual. This is an apparent partnership between the two companies. Jewelers mutual gets the leads, and GEICO looks like they have a full suite of insurance offerings to their customers. There are a few other bells and whistles in the relationship (for example Jewelers Mutual may let you manage your policy through your GEICO profile or something like that), but at it’s base this is what seems to be happening.

Does this mean I shouldn’t get jewelry insurance through GEICO?

Well, technically — you can’t. Even when you purchase through GEICOs site, your jewelry insurance will be underwritten and administered by Jewelers Mutual. All policy documents will have their name on it, and not GEICOs.

There really isn’t anything to fear, however, as Jewelers Mutual is the leading and most respected jewelry insurance out there. In fact they’ve been in the sole business of insuring jewelry longer than anyone else we’ve uncovered in our research. Also this type of relationship is fairly common in the insurance world. Progressive also has a similar relationship with Lavalier Jewelry Insurance.

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