Who sells jewelry insurance – a list of specialized jewelry insurers

Below is a list of insurers that specialize in insuring jewelry. Remember, your homeowners or renters insurance company may offer you a jewelry rider (or some other similar sounding offering), but this is NOT THE SAME THING AS SPECIALIZED JEWELRY INSURANCE. Make sure your jewelry is fully covered by reading, “Will my renters insurance policy cover my jewelry?” or “Will my homeowners insurance policy cover my jewelry?” (They are basically the same article just with the keywords replaced for SEO. Either way, you’ll see your jewelry is way under protected if you are relying on renters or homeowners)

List of Specialized Jewelry Insurers (alphabetical)
Select Retail Jewelers
Glencar Insurance Co
Chubb InsuranceAgent/BrokerChubb Insurance
GemshieldOnline/DirectTheir site says: All policies are issued by StarNet Insurance Company and administered by Wexler Insurance Agency, Inc.
Wexler Insurance Agency was Acquired by Jeweler’s Mutual, and StarNet is listed as Berkley Insurance company (different it seems from the Berkley Asset Protection listed in Lavalier)
Jewelers MutualOnline/Direct
Select P&C Insurance Agents/Brokers (ex: Liberty Mutual)
Select Retail Jewelers
Jewelers Mutual
Select P&C Insurance Agents/Brokers
Berkley Asset Protection
WaxOnline/DirectChubb Insurance
ZillionSelect Retail Jewelers (~450)Zillion

Needless to say, the world of jewelry insurance may not be as straightforward as it may seem. We’ve written about that in our article, “The jewelry insurance world is an intricate web of administrators and underwriters – How does it all work?

Standalone jewelry insurance is offered by a select few insurers

Fully protecting your jewelry may involve more companies than you might think

Even though this chart may look complicated (and trust us, in practice, it’s even more so), this should not impact your quoting, buying or claims experience. The companies are incented to keep your process as smooth as possible. Leaving you feeling like you’re dealing with one company. Because in effect you are only dealing with one. They do all the leg work in the background.

The only things you should really worry about are: 1.) do you fully understand the policy (like what events are covered vs. not, etc.), 2.) do you trust and understand the claims process 3.) is the cost you are paying worth the coverage being offered, and 4.) do you trust the company you sign with is financially stable.

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