Do I need jewelry insurance if I have renters insurance?

Yes. It makes sense in most cases.

Below is a chart that explains why most renters insurance policies are not appropriate for covering most jewelry. Especially jewelry valued at over ~$2,000.

Now, it is possible to buy additional coverage for your jewelry through your renters insurance policy. This bump-up in coverage is typically called a “rider”. There are many types of riders meant for different situations or assets. An aptly name “jewelry rider” (or something similar, like valuables & collectibles, etc.), however, is a rider meant to improve upon the shortcomings of the base renters policy. But in the chart below, you will see, even with a jewelry rider you are most likely better covered through a standalone jewelry policy.

****NOTE: This a summarization of the average policy in each category. Before you sign any policy, make sure you read through it thoroughly and understand all the costs and coverages within.

Comparing standalone jewelry insurance to a traditional renters insurance policy, and one with a rider

Jewelry InsuranceRenters InsuranceRenters Insurance +
Jewelry/Valuables Rider
How much
is covered?
Typically the amount
your jewelry was
appraised for
Capped at ~$1,500-$2,500
on most policies (THIS IS A KEY
Typically the amount
your jewelry was
appraised for
(How much you’re on
the hook for)
Typically $0, but you can increase
it to decrease premiums on most
Varies widely, but often $500,
or greater if your are trying to
lower premiums
Theft Coverage?YesYes Yes
YesNoSometimes, but rarely as
thorough as standalone
Claim impact on
No, this policy is
completely separate
so a claim on this
policy DOES NOT
increase renters
Likely (THIS IS A
Likely (THIS IS A

Understanding the key differences between jewelry and renters insurances

It may be frustrating to find that your renters insurance may not adequately cover your jewelry

Hopefully the comparison chart, at the very least, explains why you should never rely on your base renters policy to cover your jewelry. Renters in general is woefully underpowered in its coverage of jewelry . This is because renters insurers view jewelry as a different asset/risk class than your apartment and everything else in it. They don’t want jewelry lumped in with the other assets they are on the hook for covering. Their position is that jewelry, being so small and high dollar, makes it extremely easy to lose or get stolen. More so than any other items in your apartment.

Therefore, they want to make sure to insure jewelry separately from your apartment. They do that by requiring a supplementary jewelry rider be tacked on to your policy. But herein lies another key issue — it’s still technically part of your renters policy.

Why a renters with jewelry rider is still usually inferior to a standalone policy

Even though your jewelry/valuables rider provides you beefed up jewelry coverage, it’s still ultimately part of your base renters policy. In this way, if you ever have to file a claim for your jewelry, this may increase the premiums on your whole underlying renters policy. Definitely a bummer. On top of that, there are still some damage types that riders may not cover, that jewelry insurance typically does.

If insurers view jewelry as a different risk class, so should you! Insure your jewelry through a standalone policy that is completely separate from a renters policy. Insure your apartment, and the standard assets within it through your renters insurance. And insure your gorgeous and valuable jewelry, through jewelry insurance.

So your next question might be, “who sells jewelry insurance?” You can check out this blog post called “Who sells jewelry insurance? A list of standalone jewelry insurers” to learn more.

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Do I need jewelry insurance if I have renters insurance

Short answer – Yes.

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